Pack Walks

Your dog will be picked up from your home and safely chauffeured a short distance to one of the many great walking locations around Ottawa. Pack walks are limited to a maximum of four dogs, ensuring each dog receives the individual attention they require. If your dog requires private walks please see below. Walks are approximately 1 hour long, however with pick-up and travel time expect your dog to be away for about 2 hours.

I actively engage your dog throughout the walk and the intensity level can vary depending on your dogs needs. I love dogs and go out of my way to guarantee a positive and rewarding experience each and every walk. Please give me any instructions or training commands and I will gladly reinforce them along the way.

Details of each walk are summarized and emailed out to you. I also include a few pictures from the walk so you can feel like you were part of the adventure! Orleans Dog Walking is proud to be bonded, insured, and trained in dog first aid to give you piece of mind while I am with your dog or in your home.

Weekly Walking Plans

Weekly walking plans are designed for anyone who wants their dog to have regularly scheduled pack walks every week. If your needs change you can cancel or reduce the number of walks each week but adding walks would be subject to my availability.

$22 per walk

Private Walks

Let Orleans Dog Walking check up on your dog and provide a private 20 minute visit. During this time we can do anything your dog requires, such as walk around your neighbourhood or administer medications. These mid-day visits are a great way to break up your dog’s day.

This service is also great if you have a puppy or senior dog that requires a little extra attention throughout the day. Or if your dog is not social enough to join our group dog walks but would still like a mid-day walk. You can worry less because we will email you a detailed summary of our visit and include a picture too!

$20 per walk